8 Hilarious April Fools Pranks to Make Your Day

April Fools’ Day is the ideal opportunity to play practical jokes on your loved ones. These 5 amazing April Fool pranks are sure to brighten your day, whether you’re wanting to play a lighthearted joke or a full-on prank.

Fake Phone Call

Utilize a website or programme that creates a fake phone call to play practical jokes on your loved ones by posing as someone else. You can trick them into thinking it’s a famous person or someone they know, then observe how they react when they discover it’s all a joke.

Whoopee Cushion

The classic Whoopee cushion joke is always entertaining. Place the cushion on a chair, then wait for someone to sit down on it. As they do, observe how startled they are by the noise.

Fake Parking Ticket

Make a fake parking ticket, then attach it to a vehicle. Before they become really alarmed, be careful to reveal the joke!

The Fake Power Outage

Act as though the power has gone out while turning off all the lights in the space. Turn the lights back on when your friend starts to panic and watch the relief spread across their face.

The Invisible Ink

Use invisible ink to scribble a remark or message on a piece of paper. Before you expose the message by heating the paper with a lighter or match, your friend or member of your family will be perplexed when they attempt to read it.

Fake Lottery Ticket

Why not offer someone a fake lottery ticket that looks real if you want to brighten their day? As they come to the realisation that it is only a joke, watch their excitement turn to disappointment.

Toothpaste Oreos

Anybody has a sweet taste will love this joke. To make an unexpectedly delectable and minty Oreo, simply replace the cream filling with toothpaste. But be sure to have the real Oreos on hand as a backup!

The Broken Screen

This practical joke is ideal for computer users. To serve as your friend’s wallpaper, take a screenshot of their desktop. See how they attempt to click symbols before realising nothing occurs!

April Fools’ Day is all about having fun and playing harmless pranks on the people you care about. Remember to keep it light-hearted and don’t go too far with your pranks. These 5 hilarious April Fools’ jokes are sure to make your day and bring a smile to everyone’s face. So, get ready to prank and be pranked on this fun-filled day!