Anker just unveiled a new line of GaN charging devices. Here’s what to know

Anker Prime product line

Anker unveiled its Prime charger line at its NYC event. 

Christina Darby/ZDNET

Anker is most well-known for its phone accessories and has chargers, wires, power banks, and charging stations. The company is now aiming to improve the charging experience with a new line of charging devices, Anker Prime. 

At Anker’s NYC RE Charge event, the company unveiled a series of new charging accessories, including a 240W desktop charger, a 67W and 100W charger multi-port charger, and a 250W Power Bank. All of these devices leverage the benefits of GaN technology to provide fast and efficient charging. 

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Both the 67W and 100W chargers have a compact design, making them respectively around 51% and 45% smaller than their Apple counterparts, while still delivering high speed for optimal charging. 

Anker Prime 67W and 100W

Anker Prime 67W and 100W multi-port chargers.

Christina Darby/ZDNET

The highlight of this line is the 240W desktop charger, Anker’s most powerful USB-C charger yet. 

Anker shared at the event that the multi-port charger is capable of charging two MacBook Pros, an iPhone, and an iPad at full power, while still having leftover power for another device.

240W desktop charger

Anker Prime 240W desktop charger.


The Anker Prime 250W Power Bank stands out from its predecessors with the addition of a wireless charging base. The wireless charging base is meant to eliminate the inconvenient moment when you go to use your power bank and realize it is not charged. 

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The stand can also double as a portable charger or a 100W three-port charger for your desk. 

Anker Prime 250W Power Bank

Anker Prime 250W Power Bank.


Users can monitor the Power Bank’s battery and charging status on the Anker App, where they can also track its location if it’s within 10 meters.

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The pricing and retail information for the aforementioned products will be available in July 2023. 

Anker also released an Anker Reserve Power Bank, which has a 60,000mAh LiFeP04 battery, a 60W and 27W USB-C port, a retractable light, and an SOS button. This product retails for $169.99 and is available for purchase today. 

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