Buy a 4 pack of Apple AirTags on sale ahead of October Prime Day


4-Pack of Apple AirTags

Grab a four-pack of Apple Airtags for a discount right now. 


Apple AirTags are my go-to device for surviving everyday life and have become as essential as my morning coffee. From helping me find my lost wallet under the seat of my car to locating my checked luggage at a crowded airport, AirTags may be the best Apple device ever made — and you can now buy four for $89 during Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days sale.

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Two years ago, I would have questioned spending $30 on a tracking device, much less $100 for a four pack. I figured I had somewhat of a good memory, could keep track of my things, and would never really use them. It wasn’t until a friend gifted me some AirTags that I realized the benefits of the tiny but mighty device, and nowadays, I can’t survive my day-to-day without it.  

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AirTags helped me locate my apartment keys when my brother lost them in the metro. They told me where my checked bag was after American Airlines lost my suitcase, and just last week, they reminded me I had left my keys inside the house and, in turn, accidentally locked myself out. 

And while spending $100 on a four-pack doesn’t seem that bad after living through all these painful moments, Amazon has made it even more enticing to get AirTags for just $89 during their Prime Big Deal Days sale. If you’d also like to get a case holder for your AirTags, multiple great deals are available. Everything from leather silicone or waterproof keychain holders to pet collars and kid wristbands are available to hold your AirTags at a discount right now.

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Since AirTags are powered by a CR2032 coin cell battery, you can replace the battery whenever it dies, preventing you from buying a new one each time. Remember, since AirTags are thin pocket-sized devices, you can use them for just about anything and repurpose them as often as you’d like. From helping you find a parking spot to tracking your child’s favorite toy, there are endless possibilities with your AirTags — you just have to get creative. 


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