Get the Roomba s9+ for $500 off before October Prime Day ends tonight


Roomba s9+ vacuuming on carpet.

Roomba s9+ vacuuming on carpet.

Beth Mauder/ZDNET

There are just a few more hours left to snag some of the best deals available for Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days. And the Roomba s9+ robot vacuum dropped a whopping $500, which means now is your chance to score big and get that robot vacuum you have always wanted. You can now get one of the best iRobot vacuums you can buy for half its usual price. 

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As someone always busy, I find little to no time in my day-to-day routine for cleaning. There is always some other task that I urgently need to complete or some social activity that I need to attend, and in the rare instance I get some time, I am often too exhausted. Getting the Roomba s9+ robot vacuum for my apartment felt like lifting a weight off my shoulders. 

Living in an apartment complex with a balcony towards a big highway, I get enough dust to vacuum daily. Thanks to the Roomba s9+ and its self-emptying feature, I can go days without worrying about dust, dirt, or vacuums — and I can walk around barefoot throughout my home without fearing my feet turning brown. 

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The Roomba s9+ has incredible suction power that can quickly adjust from carpet to floor. Thanks to its D-shaped design, it can also fit in the most awkward corners of your home — meaning I no longer need to move my bed or couch to vacuum.  

While I currently can’t speak about the Roomba s9+’s performance cleaning up after kids or pets, ZDNET’s Beth Mauder claims the s9+ has done an excellent job at taming dog hair around her house and is the best robot vacuum for pet hair. “Once the s9+ gets going, the dual multi-surface brushes suck up everything in their paths. Even on carpet, the ingrained dog hair and dirt get sucked away and into the robot,” she shares. 


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