Google to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India, will roll out by 2024


Google on Thursday announced that it will manufacture Pixel smartphones in India, which includes Pixel 8.

The first India-made Pixel devices will come to market in 2024.

During the ninth edition of the Google for India event, Rick Osterloh, head of devices at Google, said, “It’s an early step towards expanding our production here to meet the local demand for pixel devices. And even more importantly, it’s a huge step forward in Google’s commitment to Make in India.”

In a blog post, Google said, “We intend to start with the Pixel 8, and will partner with international and domestic manufacturers to produce Pixel smartphones locally.”

Recently, Google collaborated with HP to start manufacturing affordable HP Chromebooks in India. These are affordable laptops, powered by Google’s ChromeOS operating system, which will be cheaper than Windows and macOS-running laptops.

According to sources, Ana Corrales, operating chief of Google’s consumer hardware division, and Maggie Wei, senior director of global sustaining product operations, were among the key executives who visited India for partnership talks.

Google manufactured about nine million units of Pixel phones last year based out of facilities in China and Vietnam. Google even plans to manufacture other hardware products in India. 


First Published: Oct 19 2023 | 1:21 PM IST


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