How Oliver Cloutier Interiors Curated a Penthouse Paradise in Florida


Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape of Fort Lauderdale lies a hidden gem — a penthouse that epitomizes luxury, character, and vision. But behind its magnificent façade is an incredible journey of transformation. This is the story of the AquaBlu Penthouse, a project that not only redefined luxury but also brought Oliver Cloutier Interiors a prestigious victory as the Best Luxury Penthouse Interior Design Award winner at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Skyline Serenity

From the beginning, this wasn’t just any city penthouse project. It was destined to be a testament to how luxury interior design can transform an ordinary space into something unparalleled in elegance and functionality.

The journey began with a simple coffee meet. The client referred through an intricate web of acquaintances, had previously met with renowned firms. Yet, after that initial coffee, the connection was undeniable — Oliver Cloutier Interiors was chosen.

Embracing Complexity

An unfinished property, an empty canvas, a concrete box with white walls. This is what Oliver Cloutier Interiors started with. And for them, it wasn’t a hindrance but an opportunity. The freedom to redesign, reconfigure, and re-envision the space was precisely what the team thrived on — a dream job for interior architects.

Capturing the Horizon

Strategically positioned on the Intracoastal stretch of Fort Lauderdale, the penthouse boasted potential views of Ocean Boulevard, the pristine beach, downtown Miami, and even the vast Everglades. However, its original design didn’t do justice to these panoramic vistas. Oliver Cloutier Interiors embarked on an ambitious journey, altering walls and shifting doors to transform the once fragmented views into a breathtaking panoramic spectacle. The foyer, the heart of the penthouse, was reimagined as a grand introduction to this luxury dwelling, with every element directing attention to the majestic ocean view.

Balanced Brilliance


The client had specific tastes — the warmth of American walnut, an adaptable design, and a space that could evolve. The challenge? Create an interior that strikes a balance, one that is masculine yet soft, defined yet adaptable. Through meticulous design, the team achieved a fine equilibrium, crafting a space that is enduring, timeless, and open to reinvention.

Ultimate Guest Experience

An entertainer at heart, the client’s home needed to withstand the demands of frequent gatherings. Choosing resilient materials without compromising on luxury, Oliver Cloutier Interiors integrated Italian porcelain marble tile, juxtaposing its shimmer with matte wood, leather, metal, and linen elements. The result? A harmonious blend of durability and aesthetics.

Masterstroke Details

Every masterpiece requires a finishing touch; for this case, it’s the decorative lighting — the ‘jewelry’ of a home. Commissioned, hand-forged fixtures, accompanied by carefully curated artwork and accessories, accentuated the space. The AquaBlu penthouse became more than just a home; it became an experience, ready to welcome its owner from day one.

A Legacy of Distinctive Elegance

At the heart of Oliver Cloutier Interiors lies a philosophy that transcends mere design. It’s a commitment to bringing dreams to life, a passion that has been nurtured and honed over the years. Behind this brand stands Shawn Michael Graves, not just its founder but its driving force. Shawn brings a blend of intricate detailing, creativity, and professional rigor to each endeavor, ensuring that each project resonates with the signature touch of Oliver Cloutier.

But Oliver Cloutier Interiors isn’t just about creating visually stunning spaces. It’s about establishing a dialogue, understanding individual needs, and translating them into a tangible reality. This approach has established Oliver Cloutier as a bespoke firm that prioritizes personalized service. Each client is made to feel exclusive, a reflection of the brand’s dedication to making every design journey unique and memorable.

Beyond interior design, the firm offers a plethora of other services. From conceptualizing entire projects, managing them seamlessly, and creating AutoCAD drawings, to handling architectural lighting design, every service is executed with precision and expertise. A specialization of theirs that deserves mention is the turn-key installations. Under this, every aspect, right down to artwork, accessories, bedding, and greenery, is handpicked, ensuring the client’s space is aesthetically pleasing and holistically complete.

Moreover, their project management skills honed over 50 years of combined experience, are impeccable. They’ve carved niches in places ranging from New York City to Denver, managing projects remotely with the same finesse as local endeavors. The consistent influx of repeat clients and referrals stands as a testament to the trust and reliability the firm has cultivated over the years.

In essence, Oliver Cloutier Interiors embodies the pinnacle of luxury design, a legacy crafted meticulously by its founder, Shawn Michael Graves, and a promise to continue pushing boundaries in the design world. The AquaBlu Penthouse, their magnum opus — is a testament to their transformative power of vision, creativity, and collaboration.

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