How To Be Trendy At 50 – Top Style Tips For Middle-Aged Women

Let’s get this clear: fashion has nothing to do with age.

Great style is possible no matter how old you are. The key is to know what works best for you and how to flaunt it in the right way. 

Even in your 50s, you can nurture your sass, style, and personality, and be the showstopper. Think of Jennifer Aniston, Diane Lane, and Helen Hunt: these are a few mid-age Hollywood bigwigs who never fail to create a buzz with their wow-worthy style. While adoring designer dresses on the red carpet, they still know how to steal the spotlight. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Taking the cue from their fashion game, here, we have rounded up the best tips to help you ooze your oomph in your 50s and above.

Let’s get started!

  • Dress For Shape

Once a gorgeous, always a gorgeous! Yes, you heard us right. Whether you are a teen girl or a mid-aged lady, you’ll always look “drop-dead gorgeous” if you know how to dress right. The secret is to choose outfits that flatter your shape. 

Ditch the baggy tops and trousers, and wear something that fits right to your waist, hips, and bust. Don’t shy away from dolling up in a short, tight, or trendy dress unless it’s not perfectly fitted.

If you are curvy, you can choose to dress up in empire waist or fit and flared dresses to create an illusion of an hourglass figure. Bonus? You’ll look like an ultimate royal queen. 

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Dress For Shape

  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Adding A Pop Of Color

Who says middle-aged women have to dress up in matronly, light-shade dresses? It’s time to break the stereotype!

Don’t hesitate; add a pop of color to your look, and you’ll be set to stand out from the crowd. A bright-colored solid dress or gown is perfect for bringing out the absolute stunner in you. Peep into this green wide v-neck mermaid Alexander by Daymor gown for proof.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Adding A Pop Of Color

  • Quality Not Quantity

The 50s are more about showing off your signature style. So, show the world that you’re all class and luxury by dolling up in quality fabrics. Do invest in superior silk, velvet, leather, chiffon, and suede dresses to sass up your style.

Also, be confident about your look. Whether you don a versatile gown or a trendy-chic dress, carrying the *one* with confidence will help you drop the bombshell.

Quality Not Quantity

These are some ways you can elevate your style in your 50s and conquer the world. If you are already excited about making it happen, wait no more and update your wardrobe with exclusive outfits of your choice. Don’t forget to browse through the collection of Alexander by Daymor dresses for elegant styles at affordable prices.