How to prevent butt dialing calls from your iPhone


As a final resort, you can disable your iPhone’s entire touchscreen via a feature called Guided Access. For this, head to Settings and select Accessibility. Swipe down the screen to the General section, tap the option for Guided Access, and then turn on its switch.

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Next, open an app or screen on your phone that’s relatively innocuous and won’t accidentally trigger a phone call. Triple-press the on/off button and select Guided Access. At the Guided Access screen, tap Option at the lower left corner. Turn off the switch for Touch and tap Start.

Type and then retype a passcode that will let you exit Guided Access. You’re now in Guided Access mode with the current screen on display and the touchscreen inaccessible. To exit Guided Access mode, triple press the on/off button, type the passcode that you set, and then tap End at the Guided Access screen.

To go into Guided Access mode at any time, just launch the app or window you wish to see, triple-tap the on/off button, and tap Guided Access. To end this mode, triple-press the same button, enter the passcode, and tap End.


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