How to set up Alexa to receive October Prime Day deal notifications


Echo Show 8

An Echo device, like the Echo Show 8, can give you deal notifications when one of the items you’re watching goes on sale.

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It’s prime time to prepare your Amazon wish lists as we near the company’s second biggest sale event of the year on Oct. 10 and Oct. 11. 

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But if you are looking forward to the big event and already enjoy the features that an Echo speaker delivers through Alexa, you’ll be glad to learn that you can set up the voice assistant to find the best deals on items that interest you during Prime Big Deal Days.

How to set up Alexa’s deal notifications

What you’ll need: This feature is available for Prime members in the US on newer Echo devices

Amazon wish list

I created my Office wish list and added some products ahead of October Prime Day.

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Open the Amazon Alexa app, not the Amazon shopping app. We will turn on the deal alerts for Alexa, so we must access the voice assistant’s settings. 

Alexa App

Go to the Amazon Alexa App to change the Settings.

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To access Settings, go to the More menu on the bottom right of the screen, then tap on Settings. 

More and settings

Tap on the More menu at the bottom right corner, and then go to Settings.

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Scroll through your Alexa Settings until you find Notifications. Tap on it to access it and enable the deal alerts and receive deal notifications from Alexa.

Tap on Notifications

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Select Amazon Shopping

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Turn on Deal Recommendations, a switch on the Amazon Shopping options. Ensure it is enabled or you won’t get any notifications of any deals.

Enable deals recommendations

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Any time there’s a deal on any of the items in your Amazon Wish List, Shopping Cart, or Saved for Later list, you will receive a notification on your Echo device. For Echo speakers, notifications appear as the yellow light ring on your device and a popup for Echo Show displays.

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All you have to do is ask, “Alexa, what are my notifications?” The voice assistant will then share any deals it’s found so far. 


How early will I receive a new deal from Alexa?

Depending on the deal, Alexa can have deals ready for you as early as 24 hours before a deal starts and will alert you with a notification to your compatible Echo smart device. 

Can Alexa show me deals for items I haven’t saved?

Alexa can show and tell you about deals for items you haven’t saved in your Shopping Cart, Wish Lists, or Saved for Later queue, but only when you ask it to share some of the deals you’re looking for. As an example, if you’re interested in keyboards, even though you don’t have any in any of your lists, you can always ask Alexa, “What are the best deals on keyboards right now?”


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