iPhone envy? Here are 3 iOS 17 features already available on Android


One of the features that caught my eye at WWDC was StandBy Mode. When the iPhone is locked and docked on a MagSafe charger, it displays useful, glanceable information like the time, weather, smart home status, and even Live Activities. The iPhone effectively doubles as a smart display.

A similar feature exists on Android, though it’s not as detailed. Setting a Google Pixel on a Pixel Stand (2nd Gen), for example, prompts a Google Photos carousal, smart home controls, and more. On a Samsung Galaxy, you can set the always-on display to appear in landscape orientation and change the clock style to present your upcoming meetings and a calendar.

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While Apple is playing catch-up here to Android’s existing ambient display modes, you have to appreciate how much thought was put into StandBy, including how the phone will recognize which MagSafe puck you snap it to and adaptively populate the previously-used overlay.


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