Learn how to turn your computer into a music studio with Ableton Live training



Learn music production skills with a lifetime subscription to Noiselab, on sale now.


Advancing tech has made a career in music much more achievable. You no longer have to score a record deal or rent a studio to make a name for yourself in the industry, since you can do just about everything from your computer.

Software like Ableton Live allows you to record and mix music right on your computer — and you can learn how to use Ableton Live from the pros at Noiselab Music Production Hub. Right now, you can get lifetime access to the platform on StackSocial for only $60 (reg. $360) — the lowest price available.

Learn Ableton Live with expert knowledge

Noiselab offers more than 600 lectures and 63 hours of content to help you get started in production or advance your existing skills. These materials were created by Ableton Live certified trainers and professionals, some of whom have worked with artists like Train, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nine Inch Nails, and more.

You’ll discover Ableton Live tools like built-in instruments, audio effects, time stretching, and more. Courses also cover fundamentals of music theory, production workflow tips, using Aldibs and automation, and even how to write songs in your chosen genre.

Ongoing education and opportunities

Noiselab Music Production Hub is also an online community for producers and musicians to connect, share techniques, and maximize their creative potential. You might learn more from your peers than you do from the courses.

Since this purchase is for a lifetime subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to the platform. That means you can create a personalized learning plan and work at your own pace. You’ll also get monthly updates that help you stay on top of trends and new tools that may come to Ableton Live.

Pursue your musical dreams with a lifetime subscription to Noiselab Music Production Hub, now only $60 (reg. $360).


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