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Lindblad Expeditions christened their new state-of-the-art ship, National Geographic Resolution in Antarctica on November 22, 2021, while Captain Heidi Norling took adventurous passengers to some of the most pristine and remote places on earth.

While parking the ship in fast ice in the Weddell Sea, Captain Norling christened the Resolution after guests walked onto the ice with her to cheer and toast the brand-new Lindblad vessel. 

Named to honor the second voyage of the legendary Captain James Cook, this fully stabilized vessel was built as a polar expedition ship of the highest ice class (PC5 Category A). The striking patented X-Bow provides the smoothest and safest ride in all types of weather conditions. This type of bow also eliminates bow impact for a more comfortable and quieter ride. 

Since all are welcome up at the high-tech Bridge, a whiteboard displayed on the wall charted sightings of 45 polar bears, tufted puffins, ringed seals, bearded seals, harp seals, hooded seals, walrus, humpback whales, beluga whales narwal, gray whales, muskox, hares and even weasels.

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The luxury interiors are as impressive as the exterior, with warm and comforting Scandinavian-inflected design in the spacious staterooms and suites. This ship can comfortably accommodate up to 126 guests. 

All outward-facing cabins feature larger glass windows or sliding doors leading out to a balcony with a hammock. The luxury linens and pillows are fitted on single and larger size beds, plus sofa sleepers in some rooms.

There are 7 different cabin categories and a few solo cabins for those seeking adventure alone. Category 7 offers the most spacious suites with either two twin beds or one king size bed. A slender privacy wall has two televisions on each side for viewing in the bedroom and sitting area. There is an enormous walk-in closet, and a step into soaking bathtub, plus a walk-in shower. All suites have an extra half-bath too.

Solo cabins are on the Main and Lounge Decks. They have a single bed, plus a balcony with a hammock, two chairs and a table. As with the other cabin categories, these cabins have a desk with a tablet to get the latest information about the ship, plus a television to view the latest naturalist talk while in your cabin.

The mini refrigerator is stocked with your favorite beverages, and there are complimentary insulated water bottles to use throughout the cruise. Filtered water fill-up stations are on every level.

Inside the closet is a mini-safe and comfortable robe. Bathrooms are designed with a rain shower and directional showerhead, plus a supply of botanically inspired bath products.

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As with other ships in the Lindblad fleet, there are a variety of expedition tools to get passengers up close to nature while exploring each stop along the way. Hiking sticks, binoculars, kayaks, zodiac boats, a swimming deck, snorkeling and diving equipment are kept in the ‘Garage’ with doors that open to the sea for easy access.

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Every Lindblad Expedition sails with a National Geographic photographer as part of the team. Guests eager to learn some photography tips, can follow along the deck rail or listen to engaging stories presented in the lounge. Olympus cameras with a variety of lens are available for guests to borrow while onboard. The photographer is an engaging travel companion, as are the naturalists. Morning talks led by naturalists pique the interest of those ready to explore. Evening wrap-ups of the day are led in the lounge or outside on the deck. 

There is a broadcast studio onboard that videos all of the talks and displays them throughout the ship and in cabins on the televisions.

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This ship offers multiple dining opportunities with unassigned and flexible seating. At Restaurant 270 on the Main Deck, diners have views from the 270-degree wrap-around glass windows. The kitchen staff are visible in the open galley preparing local when available, sustainable menu options throughout the day into the evening.

The Observation Deck offers the ship’s second restaurant Tupaia’s featuring early-riser breakfast items, lighter lunch fare and a 24-hour beverage station. It’s a popular spot after dinner to enjoy an after-dinner drink with fellow passengers at the bar.

Itineraries for the National Geographic Resolution include Circumnavigation of Iceland where the ship cruises into the beautiful, remote Westfjords before spending time on the Arctic Circle spotting nesting seabirds. Groups on Zodiac boats cruise into fjords and serene bays before hiking along stretches of the remote coast. The adventure finished with a soak in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Other destinations include visiting Antarctica, and South Georgia to see the vast king penguin colonies and the Falklands’ amazing albatross colonies. Learn the tales of the South Pacific cruising Easter Island to Tahiti or about the Imperial Dynasties and Modern Culture while cruising coastal Japan.  

Lindblad Expeditions offers some of the most fascinating trips and educational travel experiences to far away lands and exotic locales.


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