LinkedIn just added AI-powered coaching and recruiting tools to make your job easier


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LinkedIn was quick to embrace generative AI and deploy AI-supported features for its users. Now, the platform is doubling down on its AI features, adding new tools to its platform for recruiting, coaching, and more. 

The first feature, Recruiter 2024, is a recruiting experience that leverages generative AI and LinkedIn insights to help recruiters find the talent they need quickly. 

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With Recruiter 2024, all a recruiter needs to do is type into the platform the criteria of the professional they’d like to hire using natural language. LinkedIn will then be able to assist by creating a project with the information and shortlisting a list of candidates that fit that criteria. 

LinkedIn will also be able to make recommendations on how to optimize the search, such as expanding the targeted location or suggesting if the role should be hybrid, given the demographics of the people in the area, according to the release. 

This experience, in conjunction with the AI-assisted messages feature released in May, which allows recruiters to use AI to compose InMail messages for potential candidates, should help to streamline recruiters’ efforts. 

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LinkedIn also unveiled its new AI-powered Coaching Experience, which allows professionals to engage in AI-powered coaching by interacting with a chatbot that can provide real-time advice and tailored content for the user. 

According to the release, users can enforce their management and leadership skills by asking questions such as “How can I delegate tasks and responsibility effectively?” The chatbot will follow up with questions to best understand your situation and then provide custom advice, examples, and feedback. 

The chatbot coaching experience also helps connect users to the existing LinkedIn courses and materials that are best suited for them, even delineating where to start. 

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LinkedIn says that Recruiter 2024 and LinkedIn Learning’s AI-powered coaching will be piloted to a handful of customers starting today, with a rollout to all Recruiter and Learning Hub customers throughout the year. 

Lastly, LinkedIn also announced a tool for marketers called Accelerate for Campaign Manager. Using this tool, marketers will be able to get personalized, end-to-end campaign recommendations in as little as five minutes. 

Accelerate is also being piloted to a limited number of North American customers starting today. 


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