Mode Mobile: The earn-as-you-go app and phone for side hustlers


We are hooked on our smartphones. According to AppAnnie’s State of Mobile Report, we spend one-third of our waking days on our phones.

Almost three out of four of us (71%) check our phones within 10 minutes of waking up. If we are on our expensive phones most of the day, do we really get anything in return? Well, Mode Mobile has released an app for Android phones that enables users to do just that.

The Mode Earn app, is a rewards-based app that gives phones users the opportunity to earn supplemental income, up to $600 per year or more, for doing everyday activities such as listening to music, or playing games on a mobile device.

Previously known as Current Rewards, the company introduced its first smartphone model in 2020 and has plans to introduce the second model soon.

The company targets budget-conscious, consumers who want to use earn-as-you-go software and devices to give them supplemental income. It currently has 30 million installs and half a million daily earners in over 185 countries.

The Mode Earn app is monetized through advertising. Ads are shown when users are listening to music and on the lock and charge screens of their devices.

Users can also complete surveys and play games, read the news, watch videos and install apps to receive revenue. Brands can also provide offers and deals for users.

The company also offers its own

mobile device, the mode phone

. Users are encouraged to use the phone for four hours per day to earn over $900 per year.

You can either buy the mobile device for $120 or pay a subscription of $9.99 per month for the phone. The company promises to update the phone model annually.

Users can be awarded ‘mode points’ to redeem for items of value. When users watch videos or perform other activities these points are credited to the user’s account.

Points can be redeemed immediately for items such as gift cards.

However, points gained through the influencer and referral program may not be immediately available to redeem to check that the accounts created are authentic, which could take up to 30 days according to Mode.

With over 30 million registered users this seems like a really simple way for users to make money if they are not bothered about the brand of phone they use on a daily basis.

With 2 billion monthly ad requests and 1 billion streams, this method of getting ads out to users could be very attractive to advertisers.

Let’s face it – we’re hooked on our phones. So if you really have no preference for the type of phone you use and want to earn a little extra cash to supplement your salary, you could download the app from Google Play and give it a whirl.

But if you hate intrusive ads, and rest assured there will be many of these ads presented during the course of only one day, you had better steer clear to keep your cool.


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