PM urges MPs of both houses to pass Women’s Reservation Bill unanimously


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said his government is committed to ensuring that the ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’ aimed at expanding women’s participation in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies becomes a law, as he urged MPs of both Houses of Parliament to pass the bill unanimously.

In the first speech in the first session in the new Parliament building, Modi said that the Women’s Reservation Bill was given approval in the Cabinet meeting on Monday, and asserted that this will strengthen democracy.

“For many years, there have been several debates and controversies around women’s reservation. On women’s reservation, there have been many efforts earlier also in Parliament. In 1996, the first bill related to this was introduced. During Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s tenure, many times Women’s Reservation Bill was brought but numbers could not be mustered for it and the dream was left unfulfilled,” Modi said.

“For that work of giving power to women and for many such nobel works, God has chosen me. Once again our government has taken a step in this direction. In the Cabinet yesterday, the Women’s Reservation Bill was given approval. This date of September 19 is going to be etched in history,” the prime minister said.

At a time when women are moving forward in every sector, providing leadership, it is necessary that they have maximum contribution in policy making, Modi said in his remarks in the Lok Sabha chamber of the new Parliament building.

They should not only contribute, but should also play a key role in policy making, he said.

“Taking forward women-led development, the government is presenting an important constitutional amendment bill. The aim of the bill is to expand the participation of women in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies. Through the ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam’, our democracy will be strengthened,” Modi said.

“I congratulate our mothers, sisters and daughters for it. I assure them that we are committed to ensure that this bill becomes a law… I request all members of both Houses, to pass this bill with unanimity,” he said.

As Lok Sabha convened in the new Parliament building for the first time, Prime Minister Modi called on MPs to forget all past bitterness and start a new chapter, asserting that whatever they are going to do in the new complex, should be an inspiration for every citizen of the country.

As Lok Sabha proceedings began in the new building, Modi addressed the House after brief remarks by Speaker Om Birla. The prime minister said the new Parliament building reflects the aspirations of 140 crore Indians.

“When we are starting a new chapter, we should forget all past bitterness,” he said.

“Whatever we are going to do in this new Parliament building, it should be an inspiration to every citizen of the country,” he said. The prime minister also remembered ‘shramjeevis’ (labourers) who were part of the construction of the new Parliament building.

Parliament, he said, is a supreme place to serve the nation. Parliament is not a place to work for growth of a party but for development of the nation, Modi stressed.

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