Read more with a lifetime Headway Premium subscription, on sale for $60 right now



Spend more time reading with a Headway subscription, on sale now.


It can be too easy to fall into doomscrolling day after day on your smartphone, tablet, or computer — and it might be time to reconsider your diet of content. During a limited-time price drop through Sept. 26, you can improve your intake with a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium, which is on sale for just $60 (reg. $299). 

Headway is a mobile app that’s designed to make growing and learning easier and more fun with key insights and quick snippets from best-selling works of nonfiction on a wide variety of topics. It enables you to consume key concepts from established literature via listening, watching, and reading. By making great reads more accessible, the platform is designed to help users gain motivation, knowledge, and experience while also overcoming the fear of missing out on popular ideas and stories. 

Its 15 million users can access 15-minute summaries available on the app. It also comes with a secure and reliable selection of insights and widgets with recommendations on personalized reading and more. The whole concept of digesting ideas of works in this fashion is inspired by spaced repetition, which is a learning style that is said to help users effectively memorize facts and insights. 

The Headway app features over 1,500 summaries and it adds up to 50 new ones each month. For those planning a trip this fall or winter, those extra reads can go a long way in terms of entertainment on the road. Headway is rated an average of 4.5/5 stars on the App Store. 

Get a lifetime subscription to Headway Premium on sale for just $60 (reg. $299) until Sept. 26 at 11:59 p.m. PT. 


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