StickerYou Releases Breakthrough Sticker Tech



National Sticker Day was January 13th and it only seemed natural for StickerYou, a global e-commerce leader in custom-printed, die-cut stickers and products to announce the official launch of its latest sticker innovation and industry disruptor, the Image Transfer Sticker

StickerYou’s new Image Transfer Stickers are a breakthrough image transfer technology that results in a premium 3D-like permanent transfer of any graphic onto an object. Essentially, small businesses can have branded swag for a fraction of the cost without having to buy in bulk.    

The beauty of this new tech is that it magically applies to any hard surface transforming the product to become instantly and professionally branded. Seamless application to hard, flat, and curved surfaces like glass, ceramic, plastic, metal, wood, concrete, leather, polycarbonate, and polyethylene. This new Image Transfer Sticker is also ideal for drinkware, notebooks, vehicles, cases, appliances, tools and more.



“The invention of StickerYou’s Image Transfers technology disrupts the customized products industry by empowering anyone to more affordably make professional-grade branded products,” said Andrew Witkin, President of StickerYou. “We pride ourselves on offering our customers the most innovative and eye-catching methods to brand objects via stickers and labels. However, sometimes the desired look is not to have a branded object look like it has a sticker or label on it. The desired appearance is that the image is directly printed on the object without any background or shape to the sticker. Image Transfers provide exactly that fantastic look – instantly.”


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