The Benefits and Drawbacks of Magento PWA Development

Magento Progressive Web App has been transforming the e-commerce scene in the community since its beginnings. This technology seamlessly bridges the gap between online and native apps, allowing users to benefit from the best of both worlds. However, like with any other solution, there are drawbacks and benefits to adopting PWA for Magento shops. This post will outline the benefits and drawbacks of Magento PWA development so you can determine if it is worthwhile.

What Exactly Is A Progressive Web App?

Progressive web apps are software programs that may be accessed by any user through a web browser, mobile device, or other means. It works well on all platforms. In a nutshell, it is a website that can also function as a native mobile application.

Magento PWA is a terrific mix of the PWA storefront with the Magento backend that allows eCommerce shops to give their consumers an exceptional shopping experience.

They feature push notifications, which enable websites to transmit messages in the same way that applications do. Because they complete the caching procedure ahead of time, these apps need little bandwidth to function properly. This feature will allow them to operate even when they are not connected to the internet.

Advantages of Magento PWA Development

Improves the SEO of Your Website

PWA benefits organizations in practically every manner, including SEO. Because PWA functions as both an app and a website, it can effortlessly optimize for mobile to provide an outstanding experience, and the pages render exceptionally quickly.

Everything said above is about providing a better experience, which is one of the primary markers of a higher position in search engines. 

Satisfy Mobile Consumers Without Building Native Applications

Magento PWA Development aims to combine all of the advantages of mobile web development with the characteristics of high-quality applications. Magento PWA works well on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops running a variety of OS systems.

Due to time and financial restrictions, you as a company owner limit the addition of new apps to your online shops. PWAs are installable, so they may be accessed from the home screen just like any other app.

Low Entry Fees into App Shops

Any Magento shop owner’s wildest ambition is to spend less and receive more, and PWA can provide this. We all know that native applications can be costly to design and maintain, not to mention the challenging process of putting your app on the App Store.

Because it is a cross-platform product, the cost of establishing and then sustaining PWA for the Magento 2 website will be substantially lower than the cost of a Magento 2 shop with a native app for iOS and Android. You’ll need to create and manage two different applications for Android and iOS users if you want to create a native app. 

Increase the Current Web Load Speed Considerably

Magento PWAs load rapidly, which is critical for any online business’s success. The longer it takes for your website or app to load, the less likely it is that you will obtain a convert.

Magento PWA boosts performance by decreasing total network traffic and concentrating on the application shell. This app shell will load the first time someone uses it, and then it will only need to load the updated information every time they open the Magento PWA.

The Drawbacks of Magento PWA Development


The Majority of Extensions are Not PWA-ready

This implies that if you install a paid Magento extension, it is probable that it will not operate properly since PWA is a distinct storefront outside of Magento and Magento has restricted front-end content-changing capabilities. 

There are Just a Few Magento PWA Development Firms

Hiring a Magento PWA development provider with extensive experience will be more difficult than developing a native app. Because PWA is a new technology, few organizations provide many decent services to website owners, hence there are limited options for respectable service providers. Despite the small number of companies that develop PWA, we have an option for you:

Default Offline Capabilities are Limited

The ability to browse the shop with a slow or no internet connection is appealing, but there is a cost. For the time being, only pages that you have seen while online may be accessed without an internet connection. It is also possible to cache items and sites that you have not viewed before, but this involves bespoke construction and may take some time. 


There are three downsides to Magento PWA development when weighing the pros and cons, however, the benefits of this technology far exceed these restrictions. Furthermore, PWAs have not yet achieved the pinnacle of development, and many experts feel that all current issues will be resolved sooner or later.