The best iPhone 15 cases of 2023


Dbrand Ghost case features:  Available for iPhone 15 Pro models | Up to 10 feet of drop protection | Comes in one color 

Transparent cases are great for showing off that new color on the iPhone 15 Pro, but there’s always one problem with any clear case: it often yellows overtime. Dbrand says it’s figured out a way to eliminate yellowing on its transparent Ghost case. In fact, it promises that “you’ll die before it yellows.” 

“For centuries, case companies have tried to defeat the sun. They failed, leaving millions of yellowed cases in their wake. As it turns out, all they had to do was add a dose of matte black. Checkmate, sun,” Dbrand’s release reads. 

The case is lightweight, has drop protection of up to 10 feet, and boasts corner bumpers that are designed to absorb the impact of your clumsiest trips and drops. Eighteen magnets are built into this case for easy MagSafe attaching. With this, you’re getting a clean and clear iPhone 15 case that can withstand the sun and any normal drops or falls. 


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