The C-Suite Innovation Club launched to help mid-sized businesses thrive


New space for the C-suite to network and share insight into an all-too-often forgotten space in the market

A new networking and innovation platform for C-Suite and IT leaders of mid-to-large sized enterprises has been launched by the CEO and founder of a leading managed-IT company. The platform will be used by its members to share advice and insight on how the mid-market can navigate today’s greatest challenges and use technology to scale effectively.

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The C-Suite Innovation Club is available through invitation or application – and only to individuals who identify as C-Suite, as well as IT leaders, and will provide an opportunity for both online and in-person discussion and resource-sharing.

Tarek Meliti, Interim Chair, commented: “The past few years have been without the hardest for many in business. Leadership – from the IT department through to finance– have lost vital insight as many of the traditional routes to gaining knowledge have either withered on the vine, or simply seized up. We believe that the power of experience and insight is one of the most important learning tools business leaders can turn to.

“IT teams, the businesses that rely on them, as well as the strategists that define their direction, have faced a myriad of problems over the last few years. Covid-19 and hybrid working have both supercharged the rate in which private and public organisations have had to digitally transform, and economic turbulence has made scaling a vital yet unpredictable undertaking.”

Tarek Meliti, the CEO of TDM Group, identified the deficiency in the market and bought together a number of his peers to form the group.

“I felt that the one market so often overlooked is what I would define as the mid-market, those businesses with 100 to 1,000 employees, often owner-run and founded. As with many businesses in this bracket, the question of who to turn to for advice and guidance is often blurred. For many business owners the solution is to turn to colleagues through networking and other such face-to-face forums.

“With the pandemic looking like it is evolving into an endemic, my peers and I felt the time was right to launch the C-Suite Innovation Club for business leaders to come and share ideas and experiences, as well as looking for help and guidance from those who have been through a particular experience themselves,” added Meliti.

The Club itself will only be available to the most dynamic of mid-to-large scale organisations and registration or invitation is via LinkedIn, providing the ideal online platform to meet and network.

“The aim has always been to create a space for continuous innovation and collaboration – and we soon hope to do this both in-person at networking events as well as on LinkedIn. This is firmly a members led organisation so we will be looking for active members who can form part of a management board, as well as make recommendations for events and speakers,” concluded Meliti.

The Club, as well as the details on how to apply for membership, can be found here:


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