The Most Popular Bars in Alexandria, VA

Some towns and cities excel at servicing their residents and their needs. Alexandria is a beautiful city on the outskirts of D.C. and lies on the western bank of the Potomac River. It’s continuously rated as one of the best places to visit in the states. And while you’re visiting, here are some bars to check out for a brew or grub.

Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub

Four metro stations weave throughout the Washington D.C. area, making this city and its surrounding neighborhoods lively day and night. And those traveling the city in search of some fun at night may be headed to Murphys Grand Irish Pub. Opened in 1978 to bring friends and family together, Murphy’s gives patrons a home base with beer to keep them warm and food to fill their bellies. 

Many people rave about Murphy’s welcoming and happy atmosphere. The service is always attentive. The staff is knowledgeable and the patrons are a mix of regulars, travelers, and musicians. Grab a delicious bite while you have a Guinness. They even serve a Jameson cake dessert if you’re craving something sweet!

The Light Horse Restuarant and Bar

Many readers who hope to find Alexandria houses for sale are sure to pass through Old Town. There are many residential homes right along the Potomac, some are old, and some are new. It gives Alexandria this great vibe of historic yet modern. Some houses are built from traditional brick, from the earliest times of colonization. And some are lofts built for singles and families to offer variety for the community. 

The Light Horse Restaurant and Bar is located on King Street in Old Town and is across from the Old Town Trolly Shop. These shops and boutiques are all painted in beautiful bright colors and are perfect for simply a walk with a nice view. Like the city it’s in, the Light Horse offers guests an array of atmospheric choices. 

Downstairs is more of a modern dining atmosphere. The upstairs caters to the colloquial dive bar crowd. Visitors have stated that the food they serve is exceptional. Always fresh and hot with a mix of healthy and hearty. The service is always spot-on, even if you’re eating at the bar. And to top it off, there’s always live music and dancing. 

Captain Gregory’s

If your main goal once you’re on the streets of Alexandria at night is to sip some delicious and creative cocktails, then climb aboard Captain Gregory’s! Of course, you’ll need to make a reservation on this ship. The atmosphere here is quite a commodity. It may very well be because of their exquisite drink selection. However, it could be their pork belly or beignets as well.

If you’re feeling brave, try out their Norse Picnic drink. It has elderflower, rosemary, and absinthe! Another brave beverage they have is Shake Your Tail Feathers. It’s not just Overproof Jamaican Rum, but some port wine, cinnamon, and lime to add to the punch. 

When you call for your reservation, you can find more information about private events if you hope to entertain a crowd of friends and family. There are multiple options that you can view on their website. They also do cocktail classes where you can learn to make brilliant drinks for your next party.