The Ultimate Checklist Of Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Babysitter

One of the most challenging parts of hiring a babysitter is to interview them. Undoubtedly, interviewing someone for child care can be intimidating for many. However, it is the only chance that you can get to know a person and decide whether you should trust the babysitter or not or determine a sitter’s potential.

However, you must ask the right questions to choose the right hotel babysitter. So, what questions should you ask a babysitter? In this guide, we will discuss the same. 

What should you ask a potential babysitter before hiring?

What is your previous childcare experience?

Experience is something that anyone can make up on their resume. However, you need to ensure whatever the candidate has mentioned on their resume is actually right. So, it is the most important question you should ask a potential babysitter. Asking about the previous babysitting experience will help you determine how much the person enjoyed being with the children, what are their likes and dislikes about the kids, how they handle the babies, etc. 

Why do you want to work in childcare?

Undoubtedly, babies attract almost everyone. Everyone loves to be around the babies, but no one likes to be around crying babies. Since a babysitter has to handle all the moods of a baby, it is vital to know whether a sitter really loves being around the kids or he/she is just doing it for the sake of money. So, knowing why a babysitter chooses this field is a great way to ensure you are choosing the right sitter.

Are you certified in first aid and CPR?

Since you can’t keep an eye on your kids every time, there are instances when kids get injured and need immediate attention. So, it is good to hire a babysitter who knows the basics of first aid CPR. If a babysitter mentions that they know how to do first aid and CPR, make sure you ask them to show the certification, and you, as a parent, verify their certification via the American Heart Association’s CPRVerify site.

Can you provide references?

You can’t entrust your children to someone else’s care without ensuring the person is right for your kids. So, the best way to ensure you are choosing the right event childcare services is good to ask for references of the previous clients they have worked with. However, if you are hiring a fresher babysitter, you can ask them to give references of their coaches and club leaders under which they have done their training. Now make sure you have a conversation with the previous clients to know their experience with the babysitter.

How would they react in various situations?

In order to ensure you are choosing the right babysitter, you should provide some hypothetical scenarios to the babysitter and ask them how they will react in each situation. Not only will this help you check how quickly a babysitter can think and respond in an emergency but also help you ensure they will handle all difficult situations easily. Possible scenarios include fever, injuries, kid’s tantrums, refusal to eat or go to bed, sibling arguments, etc.

The bottom line

Now that you know what you should ask a potential babysitter, what are you waiting for? Enquire about the babysitting rates company in Los Angeles and choose the one that suits your budget the best. Not only hiring a babysitter can make your life easier but also offer you some spare time to focus on yourself. Hence, it is worth hiring a babysitter in every situation.

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