These Govee cube wall sconces will smarten up any dark room in your home


Govee cube smart wall sconce


Do you have an area in your home with little to no overhead lighting? In my house, the office/dog’s bedroom has zero overhead lighting — the only evidence of that room’s past life as a formal living room is the covered drill holes on the ceiling where a plug-in lamp used to hang. Govee just launched new Cube Wall Sconces to conveniently solve such a problem and add some extra color to your life.

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With a new sleek cube design, the white Govee sconces look minimalist and stylish, capable of fitting right in with existing home decor. The pack of six indoor cube wall sconces is now available for $100, down from the retail price of $130, and each pack covers two meters (or about 6.5 ft) of linear distance.

The Govee cube wall sconces can brighten up a hallway, make your art pieces stand out, or become the center of attention on their own, with the option of choosing up to 16 million colors and over 49 preset effects in the Govee Home app. 

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Each set of lights has a built-in microphone for music synchronization to liven up a party or set a relaxing mood with color. While also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, the included control box gives users more versatile control for the times when they don’t have their phone on them.

Govee cube smart wall sconce


Each Govee cube wall sconce can be mounted with an included wall mount and sticker. The cable connecting the lights is retractable as a built-in cable management solution, which helps maintain a clean aesthetic when each unit is installed. 

Govee already makes cylindrical smart Wall Sconces available in black. Each pack comes with four units at 120lm per light and is priced at $80.


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