Use a standing desk? These insoles are a must and they’re 20% off this October Prime Day


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I’ve been running seriously for about a decade and using a standing desk for the same amount of time. As you might expect, those two things can take a toll on the feet. However, once you’re embroiled with either (or both), there’s no stopping. I can’t imagine not being able to run or have to sit at a traditional desk.

But sometimes my feet beg to differ. And, since my last marathon, I’ve developed metatarsalgia in my right foot. If you’ve ever had to deal with that kind of pain, you fully understand how awful it can be.

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Thankfully, I discovered the Powerstep Pluse orthotics and they’ve done wonders for my feet. It’s not just with the metatarsalgia issue but also sore arches and heels. These insoles keep me moving and standing without having to deal with the annoying pain that could become far worse.

The features of the Powerstep Pulse insoles include:

  • Material – 100% Polyester
  • Odor-control
  • A metatarsal pad
  • Firm and flexible arch support
  • Premium ShockAbsorb™ Foam Technology
  • Helps to relieve and prevent ball of foot pain, metatarsalgia, and mortons neuroma
  • No trimming required
  • Designed and produced in the USA at an Ohio facility.

Since I started using these insoles, the pain in my right foot has almost disappeared, and standing all day doesn’t wreck my feet or legs. So anyone who suffers from ball of foot pain should seriously consider a pair of these. In fact, I purchased two pairs: one for my running shoes and one for office and everyday use.

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The only complaint I have is that these insoles weigh considerably more than the insoles found in my running shoes. That trade-off is fine by me, given I can run without pain. But do note those who are serious about running in the lightest shoes possible will have to suffer a bit of extra weight. But if you have been enduring ball of foot pain, the extra weight is well worth it. I cannot imagine running or standing for extended periods without these insoles.

Normally, these insoles chaos $52.96 a pair. Thanks to the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, you can get them for 20% off.

Again, not having to suffer from the pain of metatarsalgia is worth every penny.

Also, if your pain is severe, I would recommend visiting a podiatrist. I’ve been lucky in that my pain is moderate (but highly annoying). With these insoles, however, the pain is only mild and some days hardly noticeable. 


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