What is the Deal with Plug-and-Play Hot Tubs? Are they Worth it

Plug and play, or you can say plug N play is the name given to portable hot tubs that work on just 110V, allowing them to be directly plugged in a standard GFCI protected box. It’s the best option to count on if you are looking for hydrotherapy without making any additional requirements for the electrical port. There are several differences between a traditional hot tub and plug-and-play hot tubs, like the powering and portability. Today, you will learn about its advantages, and is it really worth investing in a plug-and-play hot tub. 

Advantages of plug and play hot tubs

Lower costs

The main benefit of plug-and-play hot tubs is that they are less expensive upfront. Plug and play hot tubs, unlike regular 220V hot tubs, connect to a standard outlet. This means you won’t have to employ an electrician to connect your hot tub, which will save you around $1000! Furthermore, most plug-and-play hot tubs are substantially less expensive to purchase than traditional hot tubs. Plug and play hot tubs often have fewer built-in features and available alternatives because they can’t consume a lot of electricity. As a result, they’re frequently less expensive to buy than traditional hot tubs. 


The advantages of owning a Plug n’ Play Spa are numerous. One of the benefits of a 110v plug-and-play spa is how simple it is to get it up and to run; simply plug it in, fill it up, heat it up, and relax. It’s also not hardwired into a permanent exterior GFCI box, making it simple to relocate to a new spot on your property if you feel the need to reorganize your backyard oasis. This is also a terrific feature for folks who desire the health and relaxation benefits of a portable spa but don’t want to run new electrical wiring since they rent their property.

Easy to set up

Another advantage of this model of hot tubs is that it is really easy to set them up in any space. As we mentioned earlier, the installation process of plug-and-play hot tubs isn’t complicated. Thus, you don’t need to call professionals or electricians to take care of the installation and wiring. The tub uses only 120V to run, which means you have to find any plug in your house, and you are ready to enjoy a nice hot bath in the space to love the most. So, plug-and-play hot tubs have the easiest set that you can expect. 

Should you invest in it? 

Plug and play hot tubs definitely offer a range of advantages that you cannot find in any other traditional hot tub. But, just like anything in this world, it too has a drawback. It doesn’t come with a jet power feature. It means if you are looking for a massage feature, this model isn’t really right for you. But if you really evaluate, it’s one disadvantage against so many advantages, which means it is still a win-win deal.

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