Protocol of Big Boss Voting and its Specification

You are aware big boss voting, you must vote to save any big boss player. So the Big Boss Telugu voting method is the same as last year. Continue reading to learn how to vote for Big Boss competitors to keep themselves from being eliminated. After much suspense big boss voting it has been finally revealed that new series of Big Boss Telugu will begin in September. Everybody assumed that Big Boss Telugu will be cancelled this year because the team had previously presented the Big Boss Telugu Non Stop OTT edition. As you are aware, you must vote to save any contender. So the Big Boss Telugu voting method is the same as last year. 

After much suspense big boss voting it has been finally revealed that Season of Big Boss Telugu will begin in September. People assumed that Big Boss Telugu will be cancelled this year because the team had previously presented the Big Boss Telugu Non Stop OTT edition. Because the crew has packet includes the Big Boss Telugu Non Stop OTT version, many people feared that Big Boss Telugu will be terminated this year.

Outcomes of the Big Boss Telugu Voting Poll

Big Boss Telugu Exit Polls are now available for spectators to cast their votes for their favourite candidates. The vote poll status of each competitor on Star Big Boss Telugu is displayed. Click on the name of the competitor you wish to save from elimination. We detailed how to vote for Big Boss Telugu Season participants using the Hotstar app.

Please keep in mind that our big boss telugu vote poll is not authorized. Only votes cast via the Hotstar app are deemed genuine by the big boss voting staff. Bigboss Telugu votes cast here will not be tallied. To have your votes counted, you must use the Hotstar App or make a missed call to the figures quoted above.

Big Boss Telugu Voting Procedure

Every week, Big Boss Telugu Voting Poll is held to evict one participant, and the individual with the fewest votes gets ousted from the show. Hotstar has entered the Big Boss Show as a broadcast partner in addition to being the official voting method.

You nowadays can vote for and watch Big Boss Telugu on the Hotstar App. Maa Star Every week; big boss voting Vote Results are presented by presenter Akkineni Nagarjuna. Big Boss Telugu Season, the biggest reality programme in Telugu, is now aired on Star Maa television and can also be seen live on its sharing platform Hotstar App. Big Boss Telugu participants would be confined to the house for 50 days. The residence is outfitted with 64 cameras that capture every angle. Big Boss Telugu season 6 featured the most competitors and lasted the longest of any season.

Everyone assumed that Big Boss Telugu will be cancelled this year because the team had previously presented the Big Boss Telugu Non Stop OTT edition. The Big Boss Telugu Season 6 competitors will be confined to the house for 106 days. The mansion is outfitted with 70 cameras that capture every inch of the large boss residence. Unlike previous seasons, there will be no wild card entries this season because all 21 contenders have already been accepted into the Big Boss house.

Nagarjuna summoned each roommate into the revelation room one by one, asking who they believed deserved it the most and who they thought deserved it the least. Marina received the most votes for not deserving; Nagarjuna divided the room into two different groups after everybody had voted. Both deserving and unworthy

How can I vote for Big Boss Telugu competitors on Hotstar?

This is the most frequently requested question on the internet all the time now. Big Boss Team created a new Big Boss Telugu Vote Mechanism this year. You may also check out the Big Boss Tamil Election Process by clicking here. You may now vote for your favourite competitor right from the Hotstar App. To learn about Big Boss Telugu Competitors Telugu Vote procedure using Hotstar App, follow the instructions below.

Hotstar is also the Big Boss show’s broadcasting partner. You don’t have to be concerned about the Big Boss Telugu Hotstar election process since I will walk you through the process from start to finish.

  • First, get the Hotstar application from the Google Play Store
  • Consider signing up using your Google account/Gmail address or phone number.
  • Google Hotstar for “Big Boss Telugu Series,” “Big Boss Telugu Vote,” or “Big Boss Telugu.”
  • Clicking on the Episode’s promotional banner.
  • Besides the VOTE option, you will now notice the sentence “Voting for today is now open.”
  • After selecting the vote button, you will be sent to the list of nominated participants for that week.
  • Tap on the photo to cast your Big Boss Telugu vote for your favourite contender.
  • Remember that you may only vote once each tap. Tap twice to cast two votes.
  • You can cast up to ten votes every day by pressing on the performer’s photo on the Hotstar app.
  • You can distribute the ten Big Boss Telugu votes among the contestants or utilise all ten votes on a single contestant.

With a single transaction or phone, you can only vote 10 times per day and total 50 Big Boss Telugu votes per week via Hotstar casting and 50 votes via Missed call casting. Use multiple Logins, Gmail account information, or cellphone phones to vote more times for your favourite competitors to be crowned Big Boss Telugu Title winner and runner . 

This is how you use the Hotstar app to vote for your favourite contender. Remember that in order to vote, you must first sign up for the app with your cellphone number or email address. If you are having trouble voting using the Hotstar app, you can use the additional big boss voting Telugu 

Today is the last day to vote for Big Boss Telugu online.

This was the most desired choice for big boss voting viewers, and it was finally accessible. It is not a technological feat to vote for your favourite contestant straight on Google rather than calling the given numbers. Here’s a quick rundown on how to vote for your celebrity on Google. Select your favourite contender by clicking on their name. You may raise the amount to 50, but only 50 each day from a particular Google Account.

Splash of Nominees

As part of the nominations, big boss voting kept a stands and bottles of crimson water in the household. The residents must take up the liquid glass and name two persons. The chosen individual should proceed to the stand, which will be sprayed with crimson water. Satya is not eligible for nomination due to her position as boss of the house. The majority of the nominees were excellent. Every day of the week big boss voting, Housemates vote in a secret ballot to nominate one another for eviction. The audience then votes to choose who will be ousted. The big cash reward is awarded to the last person standing. Big Boss is a unique and unique research project. 

For the vast majority part, the Housemates are free to do anything they want in a hyper-real setting mostly infiltrated by the outside world big boss voting, although everything they do is monitored by the camera and, eventually, the public. Tasks are the only serious intrusion into the life of the Housemates. Basic food and purchasing money are supplied for basics; however, Housemates have the option of raising their weekly budget or moving on in the game by skipping these Tasks.

The daily episode highlights the events in the past day. Every Sunday programme focuses on the host interviewing ousted candidates. The previously unreleased episode will be accessible on Hotstar. Since that day big boss voting, the Big Boss Show has been televised every year and has gained international national recognition.

Most people are familiar with the process of Voting by SMS since anytime you watch this show on TV; you are prompted to vote through SMS in the middle of the broadcast. This is the simplest method; however for those who witness Big Boss Live Voting via the online Voot App or on its website, a different voting mechanism has been created.

Voting for big boss voting and its website is also quite simple, so let’s go through how to do it all. Follow these guidelines carefully if you want to learn more about certain of these operations.

That certainly wasn’t enough for big boss voting. She insisted that the rest of the squad had assisted her in becoming leader. But no one paid attention to her. Satya was appointed captaincy of the household by big boss voting. The weekends episode will air today, and it’s going to be fascinating to watch how Nagarjuna responds to what transpired in the home.