Check Out This Awesome Ferrari EV Concept Called The Alto


Images courtesy of Alban Lerailler/Behance

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Now that we’re already in 2024, it positions the automotive industry ever closer to its full electrification target by the year 2030.

While most companies have already released commercial EV models, consumers have yet to see what the Italian supercar marques have in store for them in the future. Before the Prancing Horse announced something official, a French designer came up with a concept called the Alto.

Many luxury sports car brands are expected to share their first-ever EVs soon, but there is no exact date pegged as of the moment. Instead, the engineers are probably already deep into development given hybrid powertrains have seen action for a while now.

Meanwhile, Alban Lerailler shares his vision of what Ferrari could come up with. 

We can’t help but be impressed at how creativity without restraints can deliver remarkable concepts like the Alto.

Unlike in-house design teams which are often constrained by red tape and internal politics, freelancers can flex their talents without limitations. Just look at the aggressive aerodynamic profile of this EV.

You’ll notice that the front end is a bit more muscular than usual, but it manages to incorporate Ferrari DNA throughout the body.

Curvaceous flowing lines give it an aggressive aerodynamic profile at home on the streets and likely on the tracks as well. Indicated by sketches, the Alto uses custom intakes to redirect air over special sections akin to wind instruments.

Depending on how fast you drive, the sound it generates varies in tone. Furthermore, active aero elements automatically deploy as the Alto gains speed to keep it firmly planted and in control at all times.

There is no mention of the approximate output of its all-electric drive platform, but its rakish silhouette tells us this sexy sustainable supercar is not lacking when it comes to performance.



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