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The older brother of Stefan Salvatore and a vampire, Damon Salvatore. He is well known for the Damon Salvatore rule 34. He is the show’s adversary who now plays the protagonist. Damon, born in 1839, received the treatment and is now an average human. He turned into a vampire in 1864 and is a distant ancestor of Silas, the first immortal person in history. It is revealed that the Salvatore brothers haven’t spoken in fifteen years because of their tumultuous relationship when Damon returns to Mystic Falls. He eventually enters the primary plot, which centers on the romance between him, Stefan, and Elena.


Additionally, fans have grown extremely fond of Damon’s automobile. Although Dean Winchester’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala from Supernatural may be more recognizable, the audience for The Vampire Diaries is nevertheless intrigued by it. If you’re curious about the type of vehicle Damon Salvatore uses in the series, it is a straightforward 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible. When Damon dropped Caroline off to cheerleading practice during Friday Night Bites, the car had its television debut. Read on to know more about Damon Salvatore rule 34. 


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Damon’s life is devoted to Elena Gilbert. The Elena version of Rule 34 is being sought after online. She’s not just Damon’s wife; she’s also his closest pal. He fell in love with Elena as the show went on. He first met Elena while searching for Katherine Pierce, his inspiration for more than a century, in Mystic Falls. Later, after speaking with Elena, he made her forget about their encounter. Then, while Elena looked for Stefan at the Salvatore Boarding House, Damon ran into her again. 

After a few days, Elena began to perceive Damon as violent, psychopathic, and harsh. It all started when she discovered that he regularly bit and abused Caroline Forbes against her will. When she realized she wasn’t alone, she was shocked. Damon also committed every murder and strange “beast” attack in Mystic Falls. 

Damon first feigned to be against Elena. And whether Elena existed or not had no bearing on anything. Throughout the series, he acknowledged having prescient visions (“Elena, I’ve seen it from the first time I saw you. “). But the primary reason Damon was drawn to Elena was that she had a pretty similar personality to Katherine, the woman who had fascinated him for more than a century.

Damon Salvatore rule 34 BY  KATHERINE PIERCE-

When Katherine Pierce, also known as “Katerina Petrova,” arrived in Mystic Falls, Virginia, in 1864, Giuseppe Salvatore was happy to see her. During the brief period that Katherine lived with the Salvatores, both Damon and Stefan developed feelings for her. Katherine became the second double-crosser from the Petrova family to be related to two brothers. Tata, the object of Klaus and Elijah’s affection, was one of them. (The episode of the show called The Originals included Tatia in the role.

Stefan was under Katherine’s power through coercion. Damon, though, retained his free will. She was unaware of her nefarious actions because the two were so in love with her. When he found out that she had died in the church fire, he was about to prepare to become a vampire and take her blood, but he could not do so. Damon acknowledged that the realization was the cause of his hostility against Stefan in the first season. Katherine turned into a vampire to make their love rivalry a never-ending struggle.

Damon yearned for Katherine for 145 years and tried to set her free, but he eventually realized she was a fraud and had no interest in him. Damon briefly rekindled his love for Katherine. But after Katherine made it plain that Stefan was her top choice, their interaction deteriorated until Katherine’s passing. (Katherine made a comeback in the series conclusion, her first with Nina Dobrev since leaving in season six.)



After becoming pregnant, Caroline Forbes gave birth to Alaric Saltzman’s children and wed Stefan Salvatore. She is yet another female character that Rule 34 users are looking for. She did, however, briefly flirt with the senior Salvatore at one point in season one. Stefan, who was mainly concerned with keeping an eye on Elena, played with Caroline. 

Caroline and Damon cross paths after a terrible excursion to the Grill. Before it, Caroline had never felt awkward or insecure around Elena and Damon. She, therefore, wanted to highlight her bond with Damon. Even though Damon was feeding her to learn more, abusing his access to unfriendly vampire events, and even enjoying the sensation of taking her blood.Welcome to the universe of Rule Damon Salvatore rule 34

When Damon thought Caroline had outlived her usefulness, he attempted to kill her. Damon was unaware that Caroline was carrying vervain inside her body, though. In addition to the ongoing strain, Damon loses concentration on his quest to free Katherine from her tomb. Caroline thought their split was a terrible way for their relationship to conclude.


In the second season, Rose first appeared. She kidnaps Elena to give Klaus Mikaelson her Doppelganger in exchange for forgiveness for helping Katherine escape 500 years ago. Rose believed her best chance of surviving was to help Stefan and Damon after the Salvatores had been able to save Elena. 

Elena saved her life by learning more about The Originals, Klaus, and The Sun and Moon Curse. She started dating Damon while she was a resident visitor at Salvatore’s home. Damon had fallen in love with Elena, and Rose knew this. Though she had lost her 500-year-old companion, Damon was missing his brother’s daughter.

After the werewolf bit Rose (a role assigned initially to Sarah Michelle Gellar), their relationship ended (one whose real target was Damon). Damon displayed her out-of-character compassion as she slowly expired in the shadows. Damon sent her back in time by penetrating her mind with his abilities. It allowed her to return to where she lived before becoming a vampire. 

She also saw the sun’s rays on her skin (even if it was only a figment of her imagination). To put her in a better position, he staked her. He was angry about the situation, though. Damon was sent into a tailspin by Rose’s passing. Later, Damon acknowledged that despite not being human, he might still be a nice person. After Rose’s death, Damon was grieved by her for several episodes.


Online content from Damon Salvatore rule 34 is inappropriate for children. People should use the Internet responsibly and come here for information. Damon Salvatore never made any references to porn in the film. Fan artists, though, took it a step further. 

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