Get a dash and backup camera in any car with this $96 kit



Add a dashcam and backup camera that can record 4K video to your car with this deal.


If you have an older car, you’re likely missing out on helpful new tech like built-in dashcams and backup cameras. But there’s actually a way to install those luxuries on virtually any car, even vintage models — and it doesn’t cost much.

All you need is a lighter power supply to install this 10-inch screen on your rearview mirror. Then you’ll have a dash and backup camera on your ride. Normally, this kit would cost you $120, but StackSocial is offering a deal for just $96.

Install it yourself

To install the dashcam, you’ll mount the 10-inch screen onto your existing rearview mirror with rubber mounts and straps. (The dashcam is built in on the back side.) Then, you plug the screen into your car’s lighter port for power. Finally, mount the backup camera to your car’s rear exterior and connect its cord to the screen. 

Enhanced visibility and safety in any car

Unlike other dashcams, you’ll be able to view live images on the 10-inch screen. You also have the option to view the backup camera instead, or both at the same time. This is excellent for improving visibility on the road or when backing into parking spots.

Having these dual cameras could be crucial in the case of an incident, especially for insurance purposes. The G sensor automatically detects a collision and saves video footage to an SD card (not included). Both cameras have wide-angles, 4K recording, and night vision to ensure you have crystal-clear images of license plates or of the accident.

Also, be sure to take advantage of advanced voice controls. You can take photos, start and stop recording, change cameras, or turn the screen off (to use the screen as a standard rearview mirror), all hands-free.

Upgrade your ride with a 10-inch rearview mirror-mounted touchscreen including dash and backup cameras, now only $96 (reg. $120).


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